Thousand picks Quintus high landscape stroller

Thousand picks Quintus high landscape stroller

Thousand picks Quintus high landscape stroller

Written in front of the words:

1. Don’t be fooled by the high landscape! Three big pieces in the basement!

2, foreign brands are so good, can not see the real thing is no good

3. Don’t choose two baskets, don’t choose two baskets…

From the beginning of pregnancy, I started doing homework in Xiaohongshu and Weibo, and read the list of the world. Now pregnant 32W, the list of Dongdong are prepared for 7788, but the baby car has always been a big grass growing in the heart, can not be removed for a long time. Consider a lot of factors such as face value, light weight, shock absorber, service life, etc. From the initial shock of high landscape, slowly to the practicality of accepting umbrellas. From the high-end brands stokke, bee3, yoyo, to the beginning of considering domestic brands. The inner journey is not long…

But always insist that you must see the real thing, it is best to try it yourself. In Changshen International, the sales of the little brother was introduced from one hour to ten in the evening, and the husband was thirsty to scratch people, only to make a little determination. However, tangled ghosts, still did not win. Going home to consult the most trusted friends, it is recommended to be light and practical, only to give me a reassurance.

The next day, with my husband, I said that I had a dream of choosing a car last night. I didn’t sleep well. My husband went to work to get it down… It was drunk, but it was a big grass in my heart.

When I got home at night, I saw it in the middle of the small family, and my heart was happy.

I only hope that my son will come smoothly, pushing my beloved car with a chubby baby to go out to play~