Silver Cross stroller’s growth process

Silver Cross stroller’s growth process

Silver Cross stroller’s growth process

Silver Cross is a baby stroller brand founded in 1877 by British engineer William Wilson. It has been more than 100 years old and is known for its exquisite elegance and high quality. Since 1910, Silver Cross has become the baby stroller brand for the British royal family.


British engineer William Wilson integrated his invented spring system and foldable ceiling into the design of the stroller in order to facilitate his wife to take the child out. The world’s first baby stroller was born.

Father of Silver Cross – William Wilson


In 1897, William Wilson decided to expand production to build a larger factory, officially named the brand Silver Cross;

In the early 1900s, his three sons James, Irwin and Alfred inherited the career of William Wilson;

In 1913, William Wilson passed away, and he registered more than 30 stroller-specific designs throughout his life.


In the 20th century, the William brothers customized a stroller for George VI’s daughter, Elizabeth, and won the prestigious “Royal number one stroller”;

In 1936, with the development of the company, Silver Cross moved to the former site of a silk factory in Guiseley Leeds, and it was not until 2002 that it moved away.

Silver Cross’s factory in Leeds


During the Second World War, Silver Cross reduced the production of strollers and provided the main factory to the British Air Force for the production of classic fighters. The British Air Force has produced more than 16 million parts at its Silver Cross facility, and the main components of the famous Hurricane fighters and sea planes are produced by the plant.

The main part of the aircraft is made by Silver Cross.


After the war, Silver Cross applied the advanced manufacturing technology of military aircraft to the development of baby strollers to create the world’s most advanced strollers;

Prince Charles was born in 1948 and also used the Silver Cross stroller.

Post-war Silver Cross factory


In 1951, Silver Cross launched a series of iconic new strollers, the predecessor of Balmoral.


In 1964, Silver Cross introduced art chrome-plating equipment and produced a series of folding strollers;

In the same year, the product expanded into the field of dining chairs and furniture;

In 1977, Silver Cross celebrated its 100th anniversary and presented a baby carriage to Princess Peter, the first child of Princess Anne.


In the 1980s, Silver Cross introduced the best-selling folding stroller. Between 1979 and 1996, the Wayfarer model set off a boom in the market, with sales exceeding 3,000 units per week in a region during peak hours.

In the 1980s, the Wayfarer model launched by Silver Cross

2000 to present

After 2000, Silver Cross continued to provide comfortable and safe baby products for parents and babies around the world, and began selling baby strollers and car seats, toys, gifts, baby furniture, etc. worldwide.

Ver Cross crib products

From the original single baby stroller products to the well-known brands that now cover baby strollers, children’s furniture, children’s toys, etc., Silver Cross has always been demanding the highest and most stringent standards, constantly incorporating the latest technology into the product. To meet the needs of current parents and children. The idea of ​​Silver Cross is summed up in one sentence, which is to start the best life for your baby.

Baby carriage series

The baby carriages of the Silver Cross brand can be divided into three types: classic strollers, flat-beds and folding cars.

Classic strollers are hand-built by skilled craftsmen in Yorkshire, England, and the Balmoral stroller has been a British royal stroller since 1910.

Surf in the flat-bed car cooperated with Aston Martin, a premium sports car company, to produce a super-running stroller in the stroller, surf Aston Martin, which is limited to 800 cars worldwide.

Surf-Aston Martin Flatbed

The folding car is represented by Fizz. It is not only light and compact, but also easy for parents to operate with one hand, and it responds quickly, providing a safer guarantee for the baby. Its clever design, such as the mesh ventilation system, makes it easy to travel even in the heat of summer.

Fizz folding trolley

Children’s furniture series

In order to give your baby a more comfortable home environment, Silver Cross has expanded its production range from baby strollers to children’s furniture. Silver Cross children’s furniture is hand-crafted from the finest wood, meeting the most stringent quality standards to ensure the baby’s healthy growth. The brand’s children’s furniture products are owned by Ashby, Nostalgia, Dorchester, Canterbury and Expresso. Each series is self-contained and has its own characteristics.