I believe baby stroller introduction and performance evaluation

I believe baby stroller introduction and performance evaluation

I believe baby stroller introduction and performance evaluation

I believe baby strollers are mainly sold in Europe and North America, with 10 years of experience in the design and manufacture of high-end baby strollers. According to the consumer response, the i-believe baby stroller is made of excellent materials and exquisite workmanship. The exterior design is very temperate, very windy, and user-friendly. It is very labor-saving and more cost-effective and versatile than foreign brands. Winning, most consumers appreciate i believe.

Parents can understand that nothing is more important than baby safety, and baby product safety is always the first. Product safety depends on product design, material selection and processing technology. I-believe stroller uses PA66 nylon plastic material, which is sturdy, environmentally friendly, cold resistant and impact resistant. The surface of plastic parts is smooth and tidy, and the gap between parts is small and uniform. There is no burr on the surface that can hurt your baby.

The natural rubber sole has excellent elasticity and good wear resistance. After long-term use, it can still maintain a relatively new appearance. The visor is made of oxford cloth and has a certain waterproof and sunscreen effect. The width of the seat is moderate, to avoid the baby shaking, to give safe care, more benefits and practical value, etc. you slowly discover.

Split design

This baby stroller is a split version, so it is suitable for babies 0-3 years old. Of course, the independent sleeping basket is free to choose, the one-piece version, the backrest can be adjusted in three steps to meet the baby sitting and lying. Need.

Seat reversal

i believe baby stroller is the design of the seat reversing, that is, the direction of the pusher is fixed, and the seat or sleeping basket needs to be changed in the direction of reversing. This is also the common design of the imported high-end baby stroller in the reversing function.

Removable safety rail

This is mainly for us to hold the baby in and out, and it will not take up space when folding the car. In addition, this cart uses a 5-point harness.

Oversized basket

When I am out, Mommy is not bringing a lot of babies and their own supplies to go shopping in the supermarket, so the larger basket also meets the purchasing needs of moms.

High-grade aluminum alloy

I-Believe is made of lightweight high-grade aluminum alloy, which is the biggest guarantee for safety and light weight. The I-Believe integrated net weight is only 10.8kg. In addition, it is very convenient in folding and retracting.


The height of this stroller is not low, i believe has a height of 54cm off the ground. This height is also sufficient to avoid the car exhaust.

However, this is not to say that we can take the baby to the road every day. After all, the air environment is the first choice. The high-view stroller also represents a leading position in the humanized design of high-end strollers.

Push handle design

I-believe’s pusher height is adjustable, so it is more flexible for adults of different heights to implement.

Shock absorber design

I-believe uses pneumatic tires, so the shock absorber effect is very good.

The i believe baby stroller is the pinnacle of German designers, whether it is face-to-face, lightweight construction or oversized inflatable rear wheel suspension design. The product is pure German blood, atmospheric, steady, and the details are outstanding, and it is a baby jogger of mercethes-bens slk level, which will bring you a comfortable and happy experience.