Combi stroller, satisfying all my requirements for strollers

Combi stroller, satisfying all my requirements for strollers

Combi stroller, satisfying all my requirements for strollers

After a month, the Combi stroller from Japan crossed the ocean and finally arrived. I did a lot of homework on the stroller, and I also studied a lot of brands, big and small. After a few months of research, I finally decided to start it.

There are several reasons to choose this car.

1, light. This is the first requirement for my choice of baby stroller. This is only 4.2kg, which can be taken on the plane. I can easily screw it up when I try it, and I can pick it up with one button. Later, I will take the baby out. Easy. In order to verify how strong it is, I still lie down and try it out. It turns out that it is both light and strong!

2, the pole can be adjusted back and forth, you can push against the baby. This is what her husband asked. He said that he would like to push the car to interact with the baby. This car can turn the putter to the front, so that you can keep an eye on your baby’s movements while walking. Moreover, the wheel uses an elastic shock absorber shock absorption system that does not wobble when pushed.

3, the seat back angle is adjustable. It can be adjusted from 125 to 170 degrees, and the baby can sit and lie down. Also equipped with a small pillow, at the time when I heard that I bought hundreds of oceans in the counter.

4. High landscape. 50cm off the ground, good heat dissipation and dustproof effect, adults do not need to bow waist

5, high value. There is also a sky blue, but I think that it may be easy to get dirty, so I chose black (the day will be dark purple). Although this is Made in China, the domestic counters and Tmall’s styles are far less than the export models. Once again, I saw other high-value models of Combi in Macau. I thought that it would be good to buy them again. Later, I realized that those beautiful mainlands are basically not sold! Sometimes I can’t figure out this logic. Why do things that are good to use always have to be bought abroad?

I also bought a small bag on the TB and put it on the putter. I can put some small things, and the capacity is quite big. I recommend it.