What is the point of the Margaret Maclaren stroller?

What is the point of the Margaret Maclaren stroller?

What is the point of the Margaret Maclaren stroller?

MacGrandan Maclaren is one of the most well-known baby strollers in the UK. It has always been the first choice for many European and American celebrities, but this brand is not well known in China. Today, I will tell you about this popular Hollywood baby stroller brand. How far is the fire, and teach you how to identify the true and false Margaret stroller and how to buy the most cost-effective Magroland stroller.

Margaret Maclaren baby umbrella, British brand, began to make baby strollers in 1965. Margaret’s design philosophy is to pursue the appearance of the image, and more to be “baby-centered (baby comfort)” as the design basis Every part and part of the stroller is exhausted and rationalized and humanized. The biggest selling point of this brand is that it can be closed in 5 seconds with one hand. Decades of hard work has made the Magroland Maclaren baby stroller a global player today. The car is very light and can be taken directly to the plane. The design is very beautiful, not only shock absorption, but also how long it takes for the baby to feel very comfortable, ass It is not numb, and the height of the car is completely designed according to international standards, which is safe and can alleviate the vibration amplitude of the traveling umbrella.

Margaret is well known abroad because it is the most used car in the world, and Margaret is revered as the pioneer of the baby parachute revolution. It has the most design awards in the world and is imitated by the peer baby car makers. Most of them are called devil umbrellas by baby strollers. So how many stars are using this stroller? Xiao Yan will come to a simple inventory for everyone.

  1. Gisele Bundchen
  2. Sokoya Coppola
  3. Jessica Alba
  4. Julie and Pete
  5. Lin Zhiying

It can be said that as far as European and American stars, the domestic king is a loyal supporter of Magroland. This is because Maclaren’s products have always been at the forefront of fashion and quality, and are trusted and supported by every parent and fellow traveler. After nearly half a century of hard work, the Maclaren brand has become a representative of luxury and fame. Maclaren understands that every parent pays attention to product quality and safety, thus creating a brand that “Mom wants the most, baby needs it most”.

For example, the Maclaren and the famous British artist and fashion designer Philip Colbert’s Maclaren Shark Buggy umbrella car is quite unique. However, there are fewer ways to sell Margaret baby strollers in China, and the prices are more expensive. However, if you dare to send your direct mail in Shanghai, you can buy a Margaret baby stroller at a price lower than half of the domestic price. That is to go to the overseas official website to place an order, and then wait for the merchant to deliver direct mail to your hands, without third parties in the middle, to ensure that genuine products are not dropped, free of fake goods.

Now, you can start the same Margaret baby stroller with only a few hundred dollars. This is because Dad’s father was established early in 1985 with the largest children’s goods store in the UK. First, the UK’s largest cart and safety seat website, Kidsies-Kingdom, has established a partnership with Dad. You can go directly to the Kiddis-kingdom website by logging in to your father’s official website to easily purchase the American Magroland baby. car.