pouch stroller personal shopping experience

pouch stroller personal shopping experience

pouch stroller personal shopping experience

The baby has grown up in the stomach for almost seven months, and will be born in two or three months. Baby dragon, hey! If you see such a good pouch stroller, how can you not apply, haha, when you see the trial success, the first call to the husband, the first sentence The words are: Pro, your baby is really lucky! Haha, it’s still inexplicable for her husband~

First come a few photos of the stroller waiting for the moment and stokke stroller pk:

This light is a bright spot. When the sky is dark, you can go out. If you install two 7-cell batteries, you will have different ways of flashing, which will allow the other person and the car to see farther. A safety device with a bright spot. Because the baby is still not born, first take out the doll to make a demonstration, oh… our little bear is very fat oh~O(∩_∩)Oha~ so the baby is not afraid of mosquito harassment when going out, especially In the summer, going out to breathe fresh air, some bugs are really a very troublesome thing, with this mosquito, the problem will be solved!

The whole cart can be put flat. When the baby is sleeping, when the newborn baby can’t sit still, it should be very comfortable to sleep on it. Below is a layer of sponge pad. The whole length is 80cm, which can be used for several years! See how comfortable our little bear is sleeping on it! There is also a foot cover behind the cart. This is also a very good design, especially in winter, the cold is very good, my baby is just born in winter, this is very helpful, don’t worry The little feet are cold! Including the inside of the fabric, are very soft velvet, very comfortable!

Safety buckle! Can be stretched, the baby grows up, or fat, can zoom in, to ensure that “fixed” good baby, haha, the most important safety! To prevent glare from the sun, your baby’s eyes can’t stand the direct sunlight, especially lying there, watching the sun, how much damage to the eyes! It is also convenient to put the cart into the car. Simply lift the two red holes on both sides of the cart and fold them easily into the car.


Here are a few more details:

Suggestions for everyone:

This pouch stroller is very good and worthy of your mother to consider buying! The first is his quality. From the details of the above, it can be seen that the quality is very good, including the fabric or steel in every place, it is very recommended, from the time the plastic bag is opened, No irritating odor. Secondly, various safety devices, including tire design, will not let the baby bump in the car, the design of the seat belt, the design of the lamp, the sunshade and the mosquito net, the design of the rainproof cloth, etc., are very warm! Then, the whole car body is relatively high, so that the baby is farther away from the car exhaust! In the manual, I think the merchant can re-create a copy, and some details are not clear enough. Although the installation is relatively simple, but occasionally there will be a little trouble, detailed instructions can be more convenient for customers!