4moms – the first stroller for the baby

4moms – the first stroller for the baby

4moms – the first stroller for the baby

In fact, I have seen several models of strollers, stokke, bugaboo bee3, qunniy, yoyo, a lot of styles, I have to look dizzy, difficult to choose

This counts a total of 1099.97 dollars, it is still very cost-effective.

(Before, my husband is also biased towards stokke. Later, a friend recommended that 4moms is better than stokke, and then he chose a 4moms cart after comparison.)

Later, my husband dragged a friend from the United States and asked him to help us buy these three items on the official website of 4moms. Then I sent it directly to his American residence, and then asked him to send it back to China. It seems that this process is quite simple and smooth.

At the beginning, we all thought that it was a easy thing to find a courier company to send back to China. As a result, his friend found several American courier companies and did not accept consignment. It was no one.

Later, these things were sent out in two batches.

First, I found Tianma Schindler, sent the sleeping basket, the replacement mat and a set of baby cutlery that his friend gave us, but this courier company does not accept our cart, saying that it is our trailer. There is a motor, there is no way to send these several can be sent first, but the freight is not cheap, to 95.5 US dollars.

However, because the car is too heavy, the box is too large, the freight will receive 518.75 US dollars.

It’s so expensive, biting your teeth and forbearing it, who doesn’t let the courier company accept the consignment, it’s rare to find a house that can be checked, and it’s expensive. 

Then the tragedy happened again. In a few days, my husband received an email saying that the cart was found by the customs, and it was taxed 30%.


I used to think that buying it abroad can be much cheaper, probably half of the domestic price. As a result, the freight and tax are added. It is estimated that there is no difference between buying it in Shanghai. It’s really nothing to do, the key is tossing, but also trouble friends. , a little embarrassed

Later, the husband passed the mail to be provided by the customs side, and said that it would be charged when the courier delivered home. I thought that I would like to take a special trip to Shanghai for this, so I think it is slightly better than expected. 

The sleeping basket was sent on October 21st, and the air was taken, but there was no news from the express delivery .

However, the cart is quite efficient, and it is also airlifted. It will be sent out on October 26th. It is said that it will arrive on November 3rd on November 3rd. It is still quite punctual.

The courier box of the cart is very heavy and heavy, but it is OK to disassemble and discover the car. It is not too big, it is heavier. If you want to leave the trunk in the future, let the husband come, or the woman’s estimate will not move.

The car just got to charge for 8 hours, arrived at noon, and it was just full of electricity at night. It was full of technology, and it was awesome. 

Now let’s take a look at the advantages of this car:

1 car one button retractable function is too good 

Just rotate a button and press it, the car will automatically close up or unfold, very convenient

2There is a self-contained induction lamp on the front wheel of the car 

That is, the cart will automatically light up in a dark place, and this light can also be manually adjusted.

3 car rear wheel built-in generator, can charge itself during the push process 

4 car is equipped with a mobile phone charging jack

This is still very practical for the modern mobile phone family, so there is no need to bring a charging treasure.

5 This car seat is quite big, sitting enough for the baby 3 years old 

The stokke I used to watch was actually very small. The last time I met a baby of 7 months old, I saw that she was sitting and felt that the size was just right. It is estimated that she couldn’t sit even bigger 

6 This car comes with LED LCD instrument panel, which can display the battery power in real time, the temperature of the day, the mileage, the speed and the safety of the children. It’s so good

7 cars have large storage space: