Aston Martin & Silver Cross Limited Edition Stroller

Aston Martin & Silver Cross Limited Edition Stroller

British luxury sports car manufacturer Aston Martin has teamed up with the famous British folding baby stroller manufacturer Silver Cross to launch a limited edition co-branded folding stroller “Surf Aston Martin Edition 2014”, ultra-light magnesium alloy structure with Aston Martin’s aluminum wheels provide air suspension suspension for this stroller, hand-stitched leather handles and an ultra-lightweight waterproof roof, which also provides a more comfortable interior for this stroller. In addition, its seat is available in 3 tilt angles and can be fully flat. “Surf Aston Martin Edition 2014” is limited to 800 cars worldwide, each with a limited edition badge code, priced at £3,000. Click here to try and buy.

4moms – the first stroller for the baby

4moms – the first stroller for the baby

In fact, I have seen several models of strollers, stokke, bugaboo bee3, qunniy, yoyo, a lot of styles, I have to look dizzy, difficult to choose

This counts a total of 1099.97 dollars, it is still very cost-effective.

(Before, my husband is also biased towards stokke. Later, a friend recommended that 4moms is better than stokke, and then he chose a 4moms cart after comparison.)

Later, my husband dragged a friend from the United States and asked him to help us buy these three items on the official website of 4moms. Then I sent it directly to his American residence, and then asked him to send it back to China. It seems that this process is quite simple and smooth.

At the beginning, we all thought that it was a easy thing to find a courier company to send back to China. As a result, his friend found several American courier companies and did not accept consignment. It was no one.

Later, these things were sent out in two batches.

First, I found Tianma Schindler, sent the sleeping basket, the replacement mat and a set of baby cutlery that his friend gave us, but this courier company does not accept our cart, saying that it is our trailer. There is a motor, there is no way to send these several can be sent first, but the freight is not cheap, to 95.5 US dollars.

However, because the car is too heavy, the box is too large, the freight will receive 518.75 US dollars.

It’s so expensive, biting your teeth and forbearing it, who doesn’t let the courier company accept the consignment, it’s rare to find a house that can be checked, and it’s expensive. 

Then the tragedy happened again. In a few days, my husband received an email saying that the cart was found by the customs, and it was taxed 30%.


I used to think that buying it abroad can be much cheaper, probably half of the domestic price. As a result, the freight and tax are added. It is estimated that there is no difference between buying it in Shanghai. It’s really nothing to do, the key is tossing, but also trouble friends. , a little embarrassed

Later, the husband passed the mail to be provided by the customs side, and said that it would be charged when the courier delivered home. I thought that I would like to take a special trip to Shanghai for this, so I think it is slightly better than expected. 

The sleeping basket was sent on October 21st, and the air was taken, but there was no news from the express delivery .

However, the cart is quite efficient, and it is also airlifted. It will be sent out on October 26th. It is said that it will arrive on November 3rd on November 3rd. It is still quite punctual.

The courier box of the cart is very heavy and heavy, but it is OK to disassemble and discover the car. It is not too big, it is heavier. If you want to leave the trunk in the future, let the husband come, or the woman’s estimate will not move.

The car just got to charge for 8 hours, arrived at noon, and it was just full of electricity at night. It was full of technology, and it was awesome. 

Now let’s take a look at the advantages of this car:

1 car one button retractable function is too good 

Just rotate a button and press it, the car will automatically close up or unfold, very convenient

2There is a self-contained induction lamp on the front wheel of the car 

That is, the cart will automatically light up in a dark place, and this light can also be manually adjusted.

3 car rear wheel built-in generator, can charge itself during the push process 

4 car is equipped with a mobile phone charging jack

This is still very practical for the modern mobile phone family, so there is no need to bring a charging treasure.

5 This car seat is quite big, sitting enough for the baby 3 years old 

The stokke I used to watch was actually very small. The last time I met a baby of 7 months old, I saw that she was sitting and felt that the size was just right. It is estimated that she couldn’t sit even bigger 

6 This car comes with LED LCD instrument panel, which can display the battery power in real time, the temperature of the day, the mileage, the speed and the safety of the children. It’s so good

7 cars have large storage space:

pouch stroller personal shopping experience

pouch stroller personal shopping experience

The baby has grown up in the stomach for almost seven months, and will be born in two or three months. Baby dragon, hey! If you see such a good pouch stroller, how can you not apply, haha, when you see the trial success, the first call to the husband, the first sentence The words are: Pro, your baby is really lucky! Haha, it’s still inexplicable for her husband~

First come a few photos of the stroller waiting for the moment and stokke stroller pk:

This light is a bright spot. When the sky is dark, you can go out. If you install two 7-cell batteries, you will have different ways of flashing, which will allow the other person and the car to see farther. A safety device with a bright spot. Because the baby is still not born, first take out the doll to make a demonstration, oh… our little bear is very fat oh~O(∩_∩)Oha~ so the baby is not afraid of mosquito harassment when going out, especially In the summer, going out to breathe fresh air, some bugs are really a very troublesome thing, with this mosquito, the problem will be solved!

The whole cart can be put flat. When the baby is sleeping, when the newborn baby can’t sit still, it should be very comfortable to sleep on it. Below is a layer of sponge pad. The whole length is 80cm, which can be used for several years! See how comfortable our little bear is sleeping on it! There is also a foot cover behind the cart. This is also a very good design, especially in winter, the cold is very good, my baby is just born in winter, this is very helpful, don’t worry The little feet are cold! Including the inside of the fabric, are very soft velvet, very comfortable!

Safety buckle! Can be stretched, the baby grows up, or fat, can zoom in, to ensure that “fixed” good baby, haha, the most important safety! To prevent glare from the sun, your baby’s eyes can’t stand the direct sunlight, especially lying there, watching the sun, how much damage to the eyes! It is also convenient to put the cart into the car. Simply lift the two red holes on both sides of the cart and fold them easily into the car.


Here are a few more details:

Suggestions for everyone:

This pouch stroller is very good and worthy of your mother to consider buying! The first is his quality. From the details of the above, it can be seen that the quality is very good, including the fabric or steel in every place, it is very recommended, from the time the plastic bag is opened, No irritating odor. Secondly, various safety devices, including tire design, will not let the baby bump in the car, the design of the seat belt, the design of the lamp, the sunshade and the mosquito net, the design of the rainproof cloth, etc., are very warm! Then, the whole car body is relatively high, so that the baby is farther away from the car exhaust! In the manual, I think the merchant can re-create a copy, and some details are not clear enough. Although the installation is relatively simple, but occasionally there will be a little trouble, detailed instructions can be more convenient for customers!


What is the point of the Margaret Maclaren stroller?

What is the point of the Margaret Maclaren stroller?

MacGrandan Maclaren is one of the most well-known baby strollers in the UK. It has always been the first choice for many European and American celebrities, but this brand is not well known in China. Today, I will tell you about this popular Hollywood baby stroller brand. How far is the fire, and teach you how to identify the true and false Margaret stroller and how to buy the most cost-effective Magroland stroller.

Margaret Maclaren baby umbrella, British brand, began to make baby strollers in 1965. Margaret’s design philosophy is to pursue the appearance of the image, and more to be “baby-centered (baby comfort)” as the design basis Every part and part of the stroller is exhausted and rationalized and humanized. The biggest selling point of this brand is that it can be closed in 5 seconds with one hand. Decades of hard work has made the Magroland Maclaren baby stroller a global player today. The car is very light and can be taken directly to the plane. The design is very beautiful, not only shock absorption, but also how long it takes for the baby to feel very comfortable, ass It is not numb, and the height of the car is completely designed according to international standards, which is safe and can alleviate the vibration amplitude of the traveling umbrella.

Margaret is well known abroad because it is the most used car in the world, and Margaret is revered as the pioneer of the baby parachute revolution. It has the most design awards in the world and is imitated by the peer baby car makers. Most of them are called devil umbrellas by baby strollers. So how many stars are using this stroller? Xiao Yan will come to a simple inventory for everyone.

  1. Gisele Bundchen
  2. Sokoya Coppola
  3. Jessica Alba
  4. Julie and Pete
  5. Lin Zhiying

It can be said that as far as European and American stars, the domestic king is a loyal supporter of Magroland. This is because Maclaren’s products have always been at the forefront of fashion and quality, and are trusted and supported by every parent and fellow traveler. After nearly half a century of hard work, the Maclaren brand has become a representative of luxury and fame. Maclaren understands that every parent pays attention to product quality and safety, thus creating a brand that “Mom wants the most, baby needs it most”.

For example, the Maclaren and the famous British artist and fashion designer Philip Colbert’s Maclaren Shark Buggy umbrella car is quite unique. However, there are fewer ways to sell Margaret baby strollers in China, and the prices are more expensive. However, if you dare to send your direct mail in Shanghai, you can buy a Margaret baby stroller at a price lower than half of the domestic price. That is to go to the overseas official website to place an order, and then wait for the merchant to deliver direct mail to your hands, without third parties in the middle, to ensure that genuine products are not dropped, free of fake goods.

Now, you can start the same Margaret baby stroller with only a few hundred dollars. This is because Dad’s father was established early in 1985 with the largest children’s goods store in the UK. First, the UK’s largest cart and safety seat website, Kidsies-Kingdom, has established a partnership with Dad. You can go directly to the Kiddis-kingdom website by logging in to your father’s official website to easily purchase the American Magroland baby. car.

Combi stroller, satisfying all my requirements for strollers

Combi stroller, satisfying all my requirements for strollers

After a month, the Combi stroller from Japan crossed the ocean and finally arrived. I did a lot of homework on the stroller, and I also studied a lot of brands, big and small. After a few months of research, I finally decided to start it.

There are several reasons to choose this car.

1, light. This is the first requirement for my choice of baby stroller. This is only 4.2kg, which can be taken on the plane. I can easily screw it up when I try it, and I can pick it up with one button. Later, I will take the baby out. Easy. In order to verify how strong it is, I still lie down and try it out. It turns out that it is both light and strong!

2, the pole can be adjusted back and forth, you can push against the baby. This is what her husband asked. He said that he would like to push the car to interact with the baby. This car can turn the putter to the front, so that you can keep an eye on your baby’s movements while walking. Moreover, the wheel uses an elastic shock absorber shock absorption system that does not wobble when pushed.

3, the seat back angle is adjustable. It can be adjusted from 125 to 170 degrees, and the baby can sit and lie down. Also equipped with a small pillow, at the time when I heard that I bought hundreds of oceans in the counter.

4. High landscape. 50cm off the ground, good heat dissipation and dustproof effect, adults do not need to bow waist

5, high value. There is also a sky blue, but I think that it may be easy to get dirty, so I chose black (the day will be dark purple). Although this is Made in China, the domestic counters and Tmall’s styles are far less than the export models. Once again, I saw other high-value models of Combi in Macau. I thought that it would be good to buy them again. Later, I realized that those beautiful mainlands are basically not sold! Sometimes I can’t figure out this logic. Why do things that are good to use always have to be bought abroad?

I also bought a small bag on the TB and put it on the putter. I can put some small things, and the capacity is quite big. I recommend it.

Stokke trailz all-terrain stroller

Stokke trailz all-terrain stroller

I have been very fond of pushing a stokke high landscape stroller when I was pregnant for many years. I feel that my baby is close to adults.

The advantages of this car:


All terrain is suitable for sandy snow forests (especially for Nordic)

The shopping basket is big enough to put a lot of things

The pneumatic tire universal wheel steering is particularly flexible and not tired

The disadvantage is that you can’t take the car with one button and put it in the trunk of the car. It still needs two people.

I didn’t buy a baby sleeping basket. After three months, I felt a headache when the big sleeping basket was placed. The seat part can be adjusted to about 170°C. There is also a newborn mat that is basically lying flat.

I believe baby stroller introduction and performance evaluation

I believe baby stroller introduction and performance evaluation

I believe baby strollers are mainly sold in Europe and North America, with 10 years of experience in the design and manufacture of high-end baby strollers. According to the consumer response, the i-believe baby stroller is made of excellent materials and exquisite workmanship. The exterior design is very temperate, very windy, and user-friendly. It is very labor-saving and more cost-effective and versatile than foreign brands. Winning, most consumers appreciate i believe.

Parents can understand that nothing is more important than baby safety, and baby product safety is always the first. Product safety depends on product design, material selection and processing technology. I-believe stroller uses PA66 nylon plastic material, which is sturdy, environmentally friendly, cold resistant and impact resistant. The surface of plastic parts is smooth and tidy, and the gap between parts is small and uniform. There is no burr on the surface that can hurt your baby.

The natural rubber sole has excellent elasticity and good wear resistance. After long-term use, it can still maintain a relatively new appearance. The visor is made of oxford cloth and has a certain waterproof and sunscreen effect. The width of the seat is moderate, to avoid the baby shaking, to give safe care, more benefits and practical value, etc. you slowly discover.

Split design

This baby stroller is a split version, so it is suitable for babies 0-3 years old. Of course, the independent sleeping basket is free to choose, the one-piece version, the backrest can be adjusted in three steps to meet the baby sitting and lying. Need.

Seat reversal

i believe baby stroller is the design of the seat reversing, that is, the direction of the pusher is fixed, and the seat or sleeping basket needs to be changed in the direction of reversing. This is also the common design of the imported high-end baby stroller in the reversing function.

Removable safety rail

This is mainly for us to hold the baby in and out, and it will not take up space when folding the car. In addition, this cart uses a 5-point harness.

Oversized basket

When I am out, Mommy is not bringing a lot of babies and their own supplies to go shopping in the supermarket, so the larger basket also meets the purchasing needs of moms.

High-grade aluminum alloy

I-Believe is made of lightweight high-grade aluminum alloy, which is the biggest guarantee for safety and light weight. The I-Believe integrated net weight is only 10.8kg. In addition, it is very convenient in folding and retracting.


The height of this stroller is not low, i believe has a height of 54cm off the ground. This height is also sufficient to avoid the car exhaust.

However, this is not to say that we can take the baby to the road every day. After all, the air environment is the first choice. The high-view stroller also represents a leading position in the humanized design of high-end strollers.

Push handle design

I-believe’s pusher height is adjustable, so it is more flexible for adults of different heights to implement.

Shock absorber design

I-believe uses pneumatic tires, so the shock absorber effect is very good.

The i believe baby stroller is the pinnacle of German designers, whether it is face-to-face, lightweight construction or oversized inflatable rear wheel suspension design. The product is pure German blood, atmospheric, steady, and the details are outstanding, and it is a baby jogger of mercethes-bens slk level, which will bring you a comfortable and happy experience.


Silver Cross stroller’s growth process

Silver Cross stroller’s growth process

Silver Cross is a baby stroller brand founded in 1877 by British engineer William Wilson. It has been more than 100 years old and is known for its exquisite elegance and high quality. Since 1910, Silver Cross has become the baby stroller brand for the British royal family.


British engineer William Wilson integrated his invented spring system and foldable ceiling into the design of the stroller in order to facilitate his wife to take the child out. The world’s first baby stroller was born.

Father of Silver Cross – William Wilson


In 1897, William Wilson decided to expand production to build a larger factory, officially named the brand Silver Cross;

In the early 1900s, his three sons James, Irwin and Alfred inherited the career of William Wilson;

In 1913, William Wilson passed away, and he registered more than 30 stroller-specific designs throughout his life.


In the 20th century, the William brothers customized a stroller for George VI’s daughter, Elizabeth, and won the prestigious “Royal number one stroller”;

In 1936, with the development of the company, Silver Cross moved to the former site of a silk factory in Guiseley Leeds, and it was not until 2002 that it moved away.

Silver Cross’s factory in Leeds


During the Second World War, Silver Cross reduced the production of strollers and provided the main factory to the British Air Force for the production of classic fighters. The British Air Force has produced more than 16 million parts at its Silver Cross facility, and the main components of the famous Hurricane fighters and sea planes are produced by the plant.

The main part of the aircraft is made by Silver Cross.


After the war, Silver Cross applied the advanced manufacturing technology of military aircraft to the development of baby strollers to create the world’s most advanced strollers;

Prince Charles was born in 1948 and also used the Silver Cross stroller.

Post-war Silver Cross factory


In 1951, Silver Cross launched a series of iconic new strollers, the predecessor of Balmoral.


In 1964, Silver Cross introduced art chrome-plating equipment and produced a series of folding strollers;

In the same year, the product expanded into the field of dining chairs and furniture;

In 1977, Silver Cross celebrated its 100th anniversary and presented a baby carriage to Princess Peter, the first child of Princess Anne.


In the 1980s, Silver Cross introduced the best-selling folding stroller. Between 1979 and 1996, the Wayfarer model set off a boom in the market, with sales exceeding 3,000 units per week in a region during peak hours.

In the 1980s, the Wayfarer model launched by Silver Cross

2000 to present

After 2000, Silver Cross continued to provide comfortable and safe baby products for parents and babies around the world, and began selling baby strollers and car seats, toys, gifts, baby furniture, etc. worldwide.

Ver Cross crib products

From the original single baby stroller products to the well-known brands that now cover baby strollers, children’s furniture, children’s toys, etc., Silver Cross has always been demanding the highest and most stringent standards, constantly incorporating the latest technology into the product. To meet the needs of current parents and children. The idea of ​​Silver Cross is summed up in one sentence, which is to start the best life for your baby.

Baby carriage series

The baby carriages of the Silver Cross brand can be divided into three types: classic strollers, flat-beds and folding cars.

Classic strollers are hand-built by skilled craftsmen in Yorkshire, England, and the Balmoral stroller has been a British royal stroller since 1910.

Surf in the flat-bed car cooperated with Aston Martin, a premium sports car company, to produce a super-running stroller in the stroller, surf Aston Martin, which is limited to 800 cars worldwide.

Surf-Aston Martin Flatbed

The folding car is represented by Fizz. It is not only light and compact, but also easy for parents to operate with one hand, and it responds quickly, providing a safer guarantee for the baby. Its clever design, such as the mesh ventilation system, makes it easy to travel even in the heat of summer.

Fizz folding trolley

Children’s furniture series

In order to give your baby a more comfortable home environment, Silver Cross has expanded its production range from baby strollers to children’s furniture. Silver Cross children’s furniture is hand-crafted from the finest wood, meeting the most stringent quality standards to ensure the baby’s healthy growth. The brand’s children’s furniture products are owned by Ashby, Nostalgia, Dorchester, Canterbury and Expresso. Each series is self-contained and has its own characteristics.


The most creative baby stroller, the fifth one will not scare the child crying?

The most creative baby stroller, the fifth one will not scare the child crying?

The stroller is a necessity for the baby to have a baby. Therefore, for young parents, how to choose a stylish and convenient stroller is a major event for the family. If you don’t know how to choose a baby stroller that suits your baby, then recommends several models for you, and I hope to inspire you and help you.

1, electric stroller

This electric stroller appeared in Italy in the 1950s. Designed by designer Bamio, the stroller costs $2,200. If you are a parent who likes to play, this stroller allows you to put your baby in the heart and then play with yourself.

2, egg-shaped baby stroller

This stroller is designed by several artists and is a bit of classical temperament. You may not want to put your child in it on a hot day.

3, pistol-shaped stroller

The car looks like a pistol and is ready to shoot the enemy. I think it is very dangerous for you to put your child in it. Haha.

4, bicycle stroller

Take a closer look at this stroller, you need to contact more. If you have it, you can go to the grocery store very conveniently. Many people like to drive to the grocery store because the car has a trunk, but this stroller solves the problem that the car can solve.

5, the behemoth stroller

The stroller comes from a crazy designer, your child will sit in a brain with a big eye in front of it. If you really choose this stroller, make sure you don’t have nightmares or have other reactions.


6, Samsonite baby carriage

This stroller is like a suitcase. It can be folded at will. It is very convenient to carry. If you need it, you can open it and put the child inside. If you don’t need it, you can stack it. Get up and hold it up.

7, electronic baby carriage

We often use electronics in the adult world, so why not use it in your child’s world? In Japan, this view has changed. There are two unknown students who are working on solar energy to make baby strollers. We are not sure if it has strong practical significance, but we can be sure that this is a super-environmental idea. We are pretty sure that the stroller is great.

8, roller stroller

I call it a stroller, which was designed by Ward. You only need to push the car gently, then the small motor in the car will automatically accelerate, you can easily follow the run. You don’t have to worry about safety. It has a very complete brake function. It also has a very safe seat belt.

9, shopping cart stroller

When your child grows up, what kind of car do you put it in? With this shopping cart stroller, you don’t have to think about it. When your baby is big enough, he will jump out and play. When your child is big enough to need this guy, you can convert it into a shopping cart.

10, walker stroller

Yes, the look of this stroller is coming to you. It was modified by a rambler’s styling and looks very stylish, isn’t it?

11, three-wheeled stroller

For this stroller, we don’t need too much language to describe it, it looks so cool.

12, multi-function baby carriage

If you travel a lot and have to bring your child, you can use this stroller. You can ride the car and put it in the front frame, which is very convenient. If you don’t want to ride, you can fold it up and push it.


Thousand picks Quintus high landscape stroller

Thousand picks Quintus high landscape stroller

Written in front of the words:

1. Don’t be fooled by the high landscape! Three big pieces in the basement!

2, foreign brands are so good, can not see the real thing is no good

3. Don’t choose two baskets, don’t choose two baskets…

From the beginning of pregnancy, I started doing homework in Xiaohongshu and Weibo, and read the list of the world. Now pregnant 32W, the list of Dongdong are prepared for 7788, but the baby car has always been a big grass growing in the heart, can not be removed for a long time. Consider a lot of factors such as face value, light weight, shock absorber, service life, etc. From the initial shock of high landscape, slowly to the practicality of accepting umbrellas. From the high-end brands stokke, bee3, yoyo, to the beginning of considering domestic brands. The inner journey is not long…

But always insist that you must see the real thing, it is best to try it yourself. In Changshen International, the sales of the little brother was introduced from one hour to ten in the evening, and the husband was thirsty to scratch people, only to make a little determination. However, tangled ghosts, still did not win. Going home to consult the most trusted friends, it is recommended to be light and practical, only to give me a reassurance.

The next day, with my husband, I said that I had a dream of choosing a car last night. I didn’t sleep well. My husband went to work to get it down… It was drunk, but it was a big grass in my heart.

When I got home at night, I saw it in the middle of the small family, and my heart was happy.

I only hope that my son will come smoothly, pushing my beloved car with a chubby baby to go out to play~